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So much so that I wasted years & years of my life trying to change myself and my body. I pushed myself to the extremes trying to achieve this image of “perfection” that I believed would bring me confidence. The perfect grades. The perfect body. The perfect life… I did it!

Yet on the inside, I was the unhealthiest and unhappiest I had ever felt. 

Turns out, I didn’t need to change my body. I didn’t need to achieve more. I didn’t need to be “perfect”. I needed to learn to love myself, exactly as I was.

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The journey


And I am so grateful for it, as hard as it was, because it led me here! 

To a level of inner confidence, gratitude, love for my body and for LIFE, greater than I ever imagined possible. 

And it’s led me to YOU.

The girl who’s about to embark on her own self-love journey of learning to accept, understand and embrace herself and her incredible body.

Thank you for letting me be a part of that.

Love Asha x


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Hear from our clients


Asha came to deliver a body image workshop with a group of our teenage netball athletes. The workshop was interactive and the girls were engaged the entire time.

It helped them to realise that other people are often having similar thoughts and gave them the tools to overcome these and be kinder to themselves. It was incredibly powerful.

Asha makes these workshops
fun but informative and age-appropriate. Given the rise of mental health issues in young females and the growing pressures around body image and social media, the education she provides on this topic is ESSENTIAL for all girls.

We are very grateful to have her in our network.

CEO, Mandy Hopper Performance

We were fortunate to have Asha present to our
team of early childhood educators at our team building lunch. With the challenges of the past few years within our industry, we wanted to give our educators some strategies on how to give themselves the love they deserve and understand their worth.

These messages are exactly what Asha brought to the table and through sharing her vulnerability, it allowed others to break down their barriers and do the same.

There were tears, laughter, hope and joy, but it was after that the magic really came to life. We saw the shift as the room filled with compassion, love and gratitude for themselves and each other, remembering that they are enough.

HR & Culture Manager, Treasured Tots Early Education