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Quick Confidence Boost

A 1 off, 1 hour session where we unpack why you are not feeling like your favourite, most confident version of you and together create an action plan to get you there. We dive into the “stories” your Inner Mean Girl has been telling you and how to start to re-wire your brain to overcome these, so that you can step back into your power. You will walk away feeling inspired, empowered and equipped with the tools to help you take those next steps forward.

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Monthly Mentoring

Self-Love Journal


Tween/Teen Transformation

If you want to give your daughter the gift of self-love and confidence within herself and her beautiful body, then this is for her. Working with young girls is what I love more than anything and where I believe we can have the greatest impact. I will help her to set up the strong foundations for knowing just how worthy and incredible she is, exactly as she is. We will work on her beliefs about her body and how to understand and embrace the changes during what can be a really tricky time for girls to navigate.

I would love to be her cheerleader, her mentor and a relatable role-model who can set her up with the tools to carry with her for life!

I will be by her side for a whole 3 months with fortnightly coaching sessions, weekly check ins, personalised meditations & visualisations, downloadable cheat sheets & guides to refer back to and resources for mum/dad to help support her along the way.

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Worthy & Deserving


See What People Are Saying


I am so grateful that I stumbled across Asha’s work while I was going through some big shifts in my life. She helped me to feel so supported, empowered and for the first time ever, truly confident in myself and the decisions I was making. I feel so proud of myself for the woman I am becoming, and I honestly owe so much of that to Asha.


When I noticed that my daughter was starting to struggle with her body image and friendship issues at school, I reached out to Asha for advice. We ended up signing up to 3 months of coaching and I cannot put into words the difference that it made. She’s got her spark back again, she’s confident in herself and we look forward to doing our new self-care ritual together every night. I believe every young girl needs an Asha in her life!


I really wanted to improve my relationship with my body because I felt like it was holding me back so much! Today I wore a bikini to the beach then went to icecream with my friends, and it brought me so much joy. I would never have felt confident enough to do this without Asha’s help.


I have always wanted to work on myself and dive deeper into my own self-love journey but I never knew where to start. I was nervous to start coaching but after our first session, I was OBSESSED. Asha is so knowledgeable but keeps it really simple and easy to implement the tools into your life straight away! If you’ve been thinking about doing this kind of work, just do it! You won’t regret it.


I have booked several sessions with Asha now, whenever I need a powerful pep talk or some extra support to get me back on track, or step up to my next level. They always leave me feeling 1000x better and remind me of how capable and deserving I am. Forever grateful to have Asha in my corner.