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Asha has presented to thousands of female students all over the country. With the tween and teenage years being one of the most challenging periods for girls to navigate, Asha has a powerful way of connecting with, relating to and inspiring these young women to embrace it with confidence.

Her keynote presentation “More Than Enough” will remind students of their worth. She shares her strategy for overcoming the Inner Mean Girl in our minds and instead how to reconnect with ourselves. It is guaranteed to boost your students’ confidence in who they are and the body that they have, right now.

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From Schools


"Asha's presentation was inspiring, relatable and full of passion. It reminded us all of our worth, inspired us to love and appreciate ourselves more and to overcome the inner mean girl in our minds."


Santa Maria College


"Asha's story was fun, touching and so relatable. It made me realise that instead of trying so hard to be perfect, I can just be me. I feel so much more appreciative of myself and my body."


Perth Modern School


"I have always suffered from stress and putting a lot of pressure on myself to succeed. Asha's talk inspired me so much that I feel able to shift my perspective towards ATAR and life! Thank you so much."


Penrhos College


"Asha would be a credit to have speak in any school. She ran workshops with all of our students from years 8 to 12 and they were not only relatable and interactive, but full of valuable information to help the girls improve their self-worth and confidence."

HPE Coordinator

Tom Price Senior High School


“Over the years that Asha has been coming to speak to my year group I feel like I have truly realised my self-worth and feel more confident in my body. Thank you for helping me and so many other people feel more confident about ourselves.”


Mandurah Catholic College


“This presentation helped me to realise that there are other girls going through the same things as me and that we are all perfectly imperfect in our own way.”


Mercedes College


“I loved listening to Asha’s journey. It was so inspirational, with lots of great advice, and encouraged us all to persevere even when it feels hard. It was very eye-opening and I am so grateful that I got to listen to it.”


Methodist Ladies’ College


"It taught me how to stop being so hard on myself and how to start being my own best friend.”


Byford Secondary College


“Asha delivered a raw and relatable presentation, which had the students reflect on their own self-confidence, self-worth and self-love. We were beyond satisfied and grateful with the keynote presentation and are super excited to welcome Asha back later this year to continue working with our students. We would highly recommend her!”

Head of Year 10

Perth College